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May 2024. @ Harvard University's "Arts Thursdays: Celebrate Filipino Heritage." Below is a photo of the Filipino-themed installation at the Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology Building.

August 2021. BFABers at Bel Canto Books in Long Beach, CA.

August 2020. Bel Canto Books created a BFAB bookshop for us. Buy your books here and support FilAm owned bookstores >>>

July 2019. Thanks for the shoutout, Grace. We love your book!

May 2019. Tim Manalo's MFA Thesis Project at Tufts University.

March 2018. "Dragon Lady" @ The Oberon.

June 2017. Filipino opera, "Noli Me Tangere," @ The Strand

May 2017. Filipino experimental film screening at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

December 2015. Mia Alvar and Bino Realuyo showing some BFAB love. BFAB loves you back :)

Ocotober 2014. BFAB @ Boston College. President Noynoy Aquino presentation.

December 2013. BFAB @ Blue Glass, Boston (Bren Bataclan's art opening).

November 2013. BFAB @ the Petit Robert fundraising dinner for the Philippine typhoon survivors.

May 2013. BFAB read and drew for kids during their Asian American month festivities.

March 2013 : BFAB saw Rex Navarrete in Cambridge, MA.

May 2012: BFAB saw Rex Navarrete in Boston.

February 2012: At the reading of Alex Gilvarry @ The Harvard Book Store. He just wrote the book, "From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant."

2009: BFAB's first Philippine meeting (Bren, Helene and Bob in Manila)

Septmeber 2009: Food highlight

August 2009: Food highlight

March 2009: Fundraising event (Jaime was one of the acts during the event)
March 2009: Bren's project featured in Balitang America >>>

February 2009: Bren's 40th Birthday party with the BFAB-ers (above photo)

August 2008: Bino A. Realuyo, author of "The Umbrella Country," touched base with BFAB about attending a meeting... How exciting is that! We'll have one of the authors we have read as part of the group. Welcome to Boston Bino (he is here for a Master's Degree at Harvard University).
Summer 2008: Read Bren Bataclan's latest Filipinas magazine article >>>

November 2008 Filipinas Magazine Blurb

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