March 2024: We discussed Joanne Ramos' THE FARM via Zoom.

February 2024 Meeting @ Alma and Mitch's. We discussed Grace Talusan and Andrew Zubiri's latest work.

January 2024 Zoom meeting with Geena Rocero, author of HORSE BARBIE

December 2023 Zoom meeting with Beverly Parayno, author of WILDFLOWERS

November 2023 Zoom meeting with Elizabeth Ann Besa-Quirino, author of EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE

October 2023 Zoom meeting with Mary Talusan, author of FILIPINOS IN GREATER BOSTON

September 2023 Zoom meeting with Geloy Concepcion, author of THINGS YOU WANTED TO SAY BUT NEVER DID

August 2023 Zoom meeting with Dr. Jamille Nagtalon-Raos, author of SINIGIGGLES

June 2023 Zoom meeting with Anna Gomez, author of MY GOODBYE GIRL

May 2023 @ Rory and Jane's. We discussed Jane Munsonl's STRETCH MARKS.

April 2023 @ Juliet and Roy's. We discussed Gina Apostol's INSURRECTO.

February 2023 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Liza Talusan's, The Identity Conscious Educator).

December 2022. BFAB's Annual NYE Party @ Sandra and David's.

December 2022 @ Alma and Mitch's.

November 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Kenneth Tan's, Crescenciana).

September 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Jason Tanamor's, Love, Dance and Egg Rolls).

August 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Andrew Zubiris's personal essay, Shelf Life).

July 2022, meeting in Maine.

June 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Concepcion with the author, Albert Samaha).

April 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Documents with the author, Jan Henry Gray).

February 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed After Perfect with the author, Maan Gabriel).

January 2022 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Arsenic and Adobo with the author, Mia P. Manansalan).

December 2021 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Instruments of Empire with the author, Mary Talusan).

October 2021 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Flamer with the author, Mike Curato).

August 2021 / BFAB's Zoom Meeting (We discussed Moments Lise This with the authors, Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha).

July 2021 @ Grace & Alono's. Our first post-lockdown in person meeting! Jhoanna Belfer, owner of Bel Canto Books,
our special guest!

June 2021, meeting in Maine.

May 2021 / BFAB's tenth Zoom Meeting (We discussed World of Wonders with the author, Aimee Nezhukumatathil).

March 2021 / BFAB's ninth Zoom Meeting (We discussed Fe: A Traumatized Son's Graphic Memoir with the author, Bren Bataclan).

January 2021 / BFAB's eight Zoom Meeting (We discussed The Foley Artist with the aurhor, Ricco Siasoco).

November 2020 / BFAB's seventh Zoom Meeting (We discussed The Son of Good Fortune with the aurhor, Lysley Tenorio).

October 2020 / Facebook meeting with the Filipino in Massachusetts Organization (We discussed Grace Talusan's award winning short story, "The Book of Life and Death").

September 2020 / BFAB's sixth Zoom Meeting (We discussed In Waves with the aurhor and illustrator, AJ Dungo).

August 2020 / BFAB's fifth Zoom Meeting (We discussed Fairest with the aurhor, Meredith Talusan).

Summer 2020, meeting in Maine.

July 2020 / BFAB's fourth Zoom Meeting (We discussed Trick Mirror with the aurhor, Jia Tolentino).

June 2020 / BFAB's third Zoom Meeting (We discussed Vampires of Portlandia with the aurhor, Jason Tanamor).

May 2020 / BFAB's second Zoom Meeting (We discussed Patron Saints of Nothing with the author, Randy Ribay).

April 2020 / BFAB's first Zoom Meeting.

February 2020 @ Rory and Jane's.

January 2020 @ Eliza and Jon's.

December 2019. BFAB's Annual NYE Party @ Sandra and David's.

November 2019 @ Rory and Jane's.

September 2019, meeting in New Hampshire.

Summer 2019, meeting in Maine.

June 2019 @ JnJ Turo Turo.

May 2019 @ Tufts University. We discussed Grace Talusan's, "The Body Papers."

March 2019 @ Tufts University. "The Body Papers" book launch. Congrats, Grace Talusan!!!

February 2019 @ Tufts University (The Asian American Cente). We Skyped with the author of "America Is Not The Heart," Elaine Castillo.

December 2019. BFAB's Annual NYE Party @ Sandra and David's.

Summer 2018, meeting in Maine.

June 2018 @ Bren and Bob's.

April 2018 Screening of the documentary, "Sunday Beauty Queen," @ The PAO Arts Center.
We had a discussion with the filmmaker, Baby Ruth Villarama, after the screening.

March 2018 @ The PAO Arts Center. We discussed "The Leavers" with Lisa Ko via Skype.

January 2018@ Eliza and Jon's.

December 2017. BFAB's Annual NYE Party @ Sandra and David's.

December 2017. BFAB's "10th Anniversary" @ JNJ TuroTuro.

November 2017 Alonso's photo exhibit opening @ Tufts University

October 2017 @ Rory and Jane's. Patty Enrado, author of "A Village in the Fields," joined us in person.

September 2017 @ The Harvard Book Store (Alex Gilvarry's reading of his latest book, "Eastman Was Here: A Novel")

July 2017 @ JNJ Turo Turo in Quincy, MA

June 2017 in Maine

May 2017 @ Grace & Alonso's

April 2017: "The King and I" @ The Opera House in Boston. Jose Llana played the King.

March 2017: Lav Diaz screening of "The Woman Who Left" @ Harvard.

December 2016: Annual New Years Eve Party @ Sandra and David's.

November 2016 @ Reina's. The award winning film director, Lav Diaz, joined us.

October 2016 @ Reina's. Chef Patrick Enage of Akinto joined us.

September 2016 @ Bren and Bob's.

August 2016 in Maine

July 2016 in San Francisco (Bren Bataclan's first family book club meeting. We discussed Mia Alvar's book, "In the Country")

June 2016 @ Ton's

May 2016 @ Jane and Rory's

April 2016 @ Grace's reading

March 2016 @ Bren and Bob's

February 2016 @ Reina and Rick's

January 2016@ Donna and Mike's

December 2015 Annual New Years Eve Party @ Sandra and David's

December 2015 @ Grace & Alonso's

November 2015 @ Eliza and Jon's

September 2015 @ Grace & Alonso's

June 2015 @ Gigi's concert in Davis Square.

May 2015. BFAB with the FilAm playright, A. Rey Pamatmat, @ The Calderwood Pavilion in Boston.

April 2015 @ Cecilia and Andrew's.

March 2015 @ Sabina Murray's home in Western Massachusetts (BFAB's first excursion)

January 2015 @ Bren and Bob's

December 2014 @ Grace & Alonso's

November 2014 @ Tiangge in Lexington, MA.

October 2014 @ Reina's with Angela Narciso Torres, author of "Blood Orange."

September 2014 @ Ton's.

July 2014. @ Camp Parlin in Maine

May 2014. @ The Garcia Family with Nini Cabaero (Harvard Nieman Fellow)

April 2014. @ Cecilia's "Vagina Monologues" performance in Cambridge, MA.

March 2014. @ Stephen's.

February 2014. @ Grace and Alonso's with Miguel Syjuco, author of, "Ilustrado" (Winner of the Man Asia Literary Prize).

January 2014. @ Bren & Bob's with M. Evelina Galang.

December 2013. Annual New Year's Eve Party@ David & Sandra's.

November 2013. @ Eliza and Jon's Place.

October 2013. @ The Artlington Theater ("Graceland" screening)

September 2013. @ Grace & Alonso's new house

August 2013. @ Camp Parlin in Maine

July 2013. @ Berryline

June 2013. @ the Garcia family's house

May 2013. @ the Garcia family's house

March 2013. @ the Capino family with the author, Lysley Tenorio

January 2013. @ Matthias & Marjorie's

December 2012. BFAB's Annual New Year's Eve Party @ Sandra and David's

November 2012 @ Eliza's with the author Richard T. Chu

October 2012 @ Cecilia's. Congrats, Ton, for winning the Halloween costume contest!

September 2012 @ Bren & Bob's with Samatha Sotto author of "BEFORE EVER AFTER" via Skype

April 2012 @ Richard's with Alex Gilvarry author of "FROM THE MEMOIRS OF A NON-ENEMY COMBATANT"

March 2012 @ Bren and Bob's. "Leche's" author, R. Zamora Linmark joined us via Skype.

December 2011. Our first New Year's Eve Party @ Sandra and David's

November 2011 @ Reina and Rick's

Octomber 2011 @ Mic's

September 2011 @ The Philippine Madrigal Singers concert

May 2011 Meeting @ Keyk (A Filipina owned bakery in Chelmsford, MA >>>)

April 2011 Coolidge Corner Branch Library (Grace Talusan gave a reading).

March 2011 Bren with Charmaine Clamor at the Regattabar (where she had a concert).

November 2010 Meeting at Donna and Mike's.

October 2010 Meeting at Bren and Bob's.

May 2010 Meeting at Ole.

April 2010 Meeting @ Tufts University.

February 2010 Meeting: Sandra and David's new home.

January 2010 Meeting: Marjorie and Matthia's place.

November 2009 Meeting: Mike & Donna's new home.

October 2009 Meeting: Merlinda Bobis's presentation at MIT. That's Mic getting his book signed.
September 2009 Meeting: Bren & Bob's home.
August 2009 Mic's home.
July 2009 Reina's home.
June 2009 Meeting: Tufts University. Grace Talusan reading a portion from her upcoming novel.
June 2009 Meeting: Tufts University.
May 2009 Meeting: Bino reading his poems at Patricia and Adrian's home.
May 2009 Meeting: Patricia and Adrian's home.

April 2009 Meeting: Reina Garcia's home


March 2009 Meeting: Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square
February 2009 Meeting: Donna and Mike's Home

December 2008 Meeting: JNJ Turo Turo in Quincy, MA

November 2008 Meeting: Music & Dance of Cambdia and the Philippines @ Tufts University

October 2008, Tiange in West Roxbury
September 2008, Bob Parlin's birthday
August 2008, Helene and Peter's place in New Hampshire (our first beach meeting)
July 2008, MIT
June 2008, Ramon's Place (highlighting the food...)
May 2008, Marjorie's place
February 2008, JNJ Turo Turo
January 2008, Sandra and David's place
November 2007, Bren and Bob's place
October 2007, Patricia and Adrian's place
June 2007, Vangie's place

May 2007, Marjorie's place

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