Mr. Bataclan,
    My name is Brooke Marshall and I, along with my 4th grade class, was the recipient of your beautiful painting today in Raleigh just outside of the Museum of History.  I just wanted to tell you thank you again.  My class and I were so honored to be able to take a piece of your artwork back to class with us.  It is really going to brighten up the room, and look absolutely beautiful on our shelf.  Now thanks to you, I will have this piece of artwork for years to come that I can have on display and tell the children the story that goes along with it.  I looked at your website, and what you do is amazing.  We need more people in this world like you!
Thank you again so very much,

Hello Bren,
I was the surprised and delighted finder of one of your paintings in Raleigh, North Carolina!  I am so thrilled as it is adorable!  Thanks for what you do.  I know you must make a lot of people happy.