10.01.10: Berryline character design update >>>
9.20.10: The Wealthy Elementary school kids sang for me during the unveiling
9.01.10: My paintings will be posted on billboards in Grand Rapids, MI for ArtPrize
8.09.10: My limited edition silkscreen posters are now available
New character designs for my "BP Oil Slick Animal Victims" exhibit >>>
I am taking part in Artprize this year (my paintings will be printed on billboards) >>>
7.01.10: I will paint a mural at a school in Grand Rapids, MI (details soon)
6.01.10: I now have a studio in the South End, Boston >>>
5.01.10: My upcoming group exhibit at ArtSpace >>>
4.13.10: My t-shirts are now available for purchase

My artwork is part of the Pixar's "Up" DVD >>>
I will give a presentation at the University of Massachusetts Boston on March 9th. Venue: The Harbor Art Gallery. Time: 12.30 PM
2.01.10: See a preview of the the plush toys, made by, that will be premiered at my "Baha" exhibit at the Harbor Gallery @ Umass Boston this March >>>
1.01.10: Plush toy version of my characters is scheduled to premiere at my Harbor Gallery exhibit >>>
12.01.09: There will be articles written about my project in the Philippine Airline's Mabuhay and the Ohio State Alumni magazines first thing in 2010
11.01.09: I will have an exhibit with Andrew Shire Gallery in LA in December
10.01.09: I will have a solo art exhibit at the Harbor Gallery in 2010
09.01.09: I will be one of the First Night guests in Raleigh, NC
08.01.09: My work will be exhibited at Passion Revealed in LA in October
07.01.09: I will have a show at ArtSpace
06.01.09: I may do an artist in residency program in Los Angeles this summer (details soon)
05.01.09: I may have a show at the Philippine Consulate gallery in NYC
04.01.09: See my Tufts University Talk (sponsored by the Filipino students) >>>
03.01.09: I will collaborate on a project with Zeum in San Francisco
02.01.09: I will have my artwork exhibited at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA >>>
01.15.09: My paintings will be displayed at the Quincy Medical Center (ambulatory waiting area)
12.15.08: The Reader's Digest just interviewed me >>>
12.01.08: I will have an exhibit at the APW Gallery in NYC in 2009 >>>
11.01.08: I will three shows in NYC in 2009
10.01.08: The DeBlois Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island will have a solo exhibit of my arwork in 2009
09.01.08: I just donated to the Philippine Peace Corps >>> 08.01.08: My artwork is being exhibited at the Boston Logan Airport >>>
07.01.08: I will be part of a street art exhibition this month at the Deblois Gallery >>>
06.01.08: I am currently working on my first children's book illustration project >>>
Blogs about Smile Boston Project >>>
04.01.08: Michele Leong & Andrew Thompson wrote a paper about my JFK School mural >>>
03.01.08: I am going to have a show at the Diesel Cafe in Davis Square next month
02.01.08: I am collaborating with a local animation company on a project (details coming soon).
12.01.07: I was just awarded an art grant by the Fuller Foundation

11.01.07: I've just been invited to paint a mural in Central Square (Cambridge, MA) >>>

09.01.07: See my painting being displayed at Bravo NYC >>>

08.01.07: See my first painting session with a baby >>>

07.01.07: Painting #25 sold for $750 at an auction at the Boston MFA

06.15.07: See the Smile Puerto Rico pictures >>>

06.02.07: I am featured in >>>

06.01.07: PBS/WGBH's TV show, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, features my paintings (airing on 5.30, 9.11 + 10.16)

05.05.07: Richard Connif of the Smithsonian Magazine just interviewed me (details coming soon)

04.02.07: I will have an opening on April 9th at the Middle East Restaurant in Cambridge, MA >>>

04.01.07: Boston's Mass General Hospital just commissioned me (details coming soon)

03.01.07: See the Smile Antarctica photos >>>

02.14.07: See my latest project with the Harvard Business Association >>>

02.03.07: I am featured in John Holland's new book, "The Power of the Soul"

02.02.07: One of my characters is now a Girl Scouts patch >>>

02.01.07: I just gave a talk at Barrington Middle School in New Hampshire

01.15.07: Smile London Pictures >>>

01.12.07: View my latest exhibit with Arts Build Community >>>

01.07.07: View the winner of the 2006 Smile Boston Project feedback winners >>>

01.01.07: See my latest mural >>>

01.01.07: The the latest photos of painting recipients >>>

12.01.06: I drew for kids at Starbucks in Wayland, MA >>>

11.12.06: Read my latest Boston Globe article >>>

11.03.06: See the video of my latest class presentation at the Jackson School >>>

10.01.06: I drew for kids at Boston Chinatown >>>

09.01.06: A new article by the Monitor will be published soon

08.12.06: See the Gingko Press Catalog >>>

08.11.06: I drew and painted with teens at the Boston Cloud Foundation >>>

08.01.06: Cambridge Chronicle just published a cartoon about my project >>>

07.27.06: Smile Hawaii >>> and Smile Korea >>> photos

07.01.06: All Asia July opening >>>

06.01.06: Smile Vermont and Utah photos >>>

05.13.06: WGBH 2006 Auction >>>

05.12.06: See the Smile Honduras pictures >>>

05.07.06: My new article in Positive Thinking magazine >>>

05.01.06: Artscope article >>>

05.01.06: Paintings for Day Without Immigrants rally >>>

04.24.06: Boston College talk with the PSBC students >>>

04.07.06: My new show at Gallery 181 >>>

04.01.06: See the Happy Hollow book student competition entry >>>

03.09.06: I just finished the first set of paintings for Suffolk University >>>

03.01.06: Latest Boston Painting drop-off pictures >>> and new painting recipient photos >>>

02.04.06: Photographers for Positive Thinking magazine >>>

02.03.06: New Smile Guatemala pictures >>>

02.03.06: New painting commission >>>

02.01.06: Lots of new photos and feedback have just been added >>>

02.01.06: See my in progress layout design for my Gingko Press book >>>

02.01.06: See Smile Philippines pictures >>>

01.10.06: Suffolk University just commissioned me to create artwork for their Office of Technology Management center.

01.01.06: Gingko Press will publish a book about my paintings and street art project in 2006 >>>

12.29.05: Smile San Francisco Project >>>

12.21.05: Exhibit and Panel talk at the San Francisco Library >>>

12.15.05: See the latest commissions >>> and free painting recipients >>>

11.19.05: Weekend show at Karmaloop in Newbury St. >>>

11.01.05: See the Smile Keene, NH pictures >>>

10.22.05: I took part in Karen Kiefer's Make a Difference Day Bread Festival (I drew for kids)

10.20.05: See the 2005 painting winner of the Smile Boston Project feedback >>>

10.15.05: Florida's Suncoast News >>>

10.09.05: Smile Florida photos (sponsored by iParty) >>>

10.03.05: Second year anniversary Smile Boston Project Painting recipients >>>

10.01.05: Wayland Town Crier news >>>

9.18.05: I am featured in the Boston Globe again this month >>>

9.17.05: WGBH"s Ice Cream Fest photo >>>

9.13.05: Smile Guatemala Project photo >>>

9.10.05: Mayor Menino of Boston stopped by my exhibit during the Boston Arts Festival >>>

9.08.05: Storefront window painting for Wild Child in Arlington >>>

9.07.05: Character design for a fair trade company >>>

9.05.05: Smile Bangor, Maine pictures >>>

9.01.05: I am featured in the Lynn Journal and The Daily Item >>>

8.29.05: The pictures from Smile Sri Lanka just arrived >>>

8.26.05: I just left paintings around my neighborhood in Cambridge >>>

8.23.05: I'll be part of a fund raising event entitled, 17 on 17, in Boston

8.05.05: I have a radio interview with WMFO

7.23.05: Smile Philippines painting recipient >>>

7.20.05: Photos from Smile Alaska Project >>>

6.19.05: New Boston Globe article >>>

6.11.05: I drew for kids during a Life is Good event--a fundraising for Project Joy.

6.08.05: New logo design based on my characters >>>

6.03.05: My display at Curious George in Harvard Square >>>

5.18.05: I was just accepted in Beyond the Barrelman, An Exhibition of Contemporary Filipino Art >>>

5.13.05: Photos from WGBH Fine Arts Auction 2005 >>>

5.11.05: See the Smile Button Project recipients >>>

5.10.05: I've started to paint the Trotter Elementary School mural >>>

5.03.05: Read my Art Business News article >>>

5.01.05: An article by Taylor Reed Vecchio of the Mass Media >>>

4.24.05: A report by Lydia of the Jackson School >>>

4.20.05: A new article was written by Jenna Pelletier about Smile Boston Project for Boston University's The Daily Free Press >>>

4.12.05: I was back at the Jackson School in Newton, MA for a webcast through What an awesome experience >>>

4.11.05: I gave a talk at Emmanuel College today for the Fenway High School students

4.09.05: The iParty painting for the store's Hartford, CT opening >>>

4.05.05: Katherine Macy's, Boston University's graduate program of Arts Administration, paper about Free Art (my work is one of the paper's topic). Download Word file >>>

4.01.05: See my new painting commission for Dr. Neal Klein of Lesley University >>>

4.01.05: I just gave a talk/drawing demo to the Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester. See some of the students' drawings >>>

3.21.05: My work will be shown at a London venue (details coming soon)

3.15.05: I will begin to collaborate with iParty (details coming soon)

3.13.05: My "Best of the New" Boston Globe Magazine article (print version >>> and web >>>)

3.08.05: Read my Charlestown Bridge story >>>

3.07.05: Photos from Art Expo 2005 >>> and my Super 7 display in San Francisco >>>

3.05.05: See the new and improved articles, tv and radio coverage section of my Smile Boston Project >>>

3.01.05: Pictures from Smile Providence >>>

2.15.05: Kent Dayton ( took photos for my Boston Globe "Best of 2004" story today.

2.3.05: We just hung my new "Valentines" themed paintings at All Asia tonight. 3 big pieces sold while we were haning the paintings >>>

2.2.05: See the Jackson School drawings >>>

1.24.05: See the Smile Ireland Project pictures (thanks Susan!) >>>

12.23.04: I just completed a logo branding project based on my characters/paintings >>>

2.14.05: I am going to exhbit at Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, February 18th to the 20th. Happy Valentines!

2.1.05: New Smile Boston Project Recipients >>>

1.31.05: My talk at Jackson School in Newton, MA >>>

1.26.05: My paintings went on display today at Super 7 in San Francisco. 2 sold the very first day!!! See the paintings >>>

1.18.05: I am now a part of Bruce McGaw's printed catalog. I can't believe that I share the catalog's pages with Haring, Rothko, Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Pollock--these are some of my art heroes!

1.9.05: I just added more painting samples in the commissioned >>> and new characters >>> section of the site

1.8.05: Pictures from my 9 Months store exhibit >>> and a Cambridge-based jewelry store >>>

12.27.04: Jan Gardner of the Boston Globe interviewed me today for their "Best Of 2004" article. The story will be published in 2005

12.14.04: My new web section, "Favorites and Links" >>>

12.06.04: See the JP Licks installation >>>

12.01.04: View info about my Chronicle story >>>

11.25.04: Happy Thanksgiving. See the new and improved paintings section of the site >>>

11.18.04: One of my painting was just auctioned for $600 at the Charles River Public Internet Center

11.14.04: One year Smile Boston Project paintings recipients >>>

11.11.04: My Portland Press Herald interview >>> and my Filipinas Magazine article >>>

11.03.04: See a quilt design based on my characters. Thanks Mary! >>>

10.24.04: I was interviewed by Jordan Rich on WBZ News

10.18.04: has just started to sell my paintings. 5 of the characters are exclusive designs for (scroll down to see the paintings). I also just completed a mural for the online store >>>

10.11.04: Bruce Mc Gaw Graphics has just singned me on as one of their artists. You will soon find my prints at Prints Plus, Deck the Walls, Michael's, Restoration Hardware, Thomasville Galleries, and many others

09.08.04: A representative from Drew Barrymore's new movie touched base with me this week. They are planning on using my paintings for a scene in her upcoming Boston-based movie

06.19.04: Pictures from the Puzzle Painting event at Christopher's >>>

11.22.04: Check out the buzz on my December 2nd open house at the Charles River Public Internet Center. Here's one from Kiss 108 FM >>>Additional ones from Sunday's MetroWest Daily News╩>>> and the╩Daily News Tribune >>>

11.08.04: Read WBZ News Radio's Jordan Rich's blog about Smile Boston Project and Positive People >>>

10.06.04: A presentation for kindergartners and first graders at Happy Hollow School in Wayland >>>

10.21.04: An article about my talk at Happy Hallow school was published in the Wayland Town Crier

10.01.04: October is the one year anniversary of Smile Boston Project. To celebrate, I will leave at least fifteen 11"x14" paintings (on stretched canvases) all over the Boston area.

09.24.04: Picture from my PG&E exhibit in San Francisco >>>

09.24.04: Pictures from Smile Los Angeles Project >>>

09.01.04: Channel 5's Chronicle tv show just came over my studio to film. They are going to do a story about Smile Boston Project. Date and time will be announced soon.

08.18.04: More Smile Asia Project Pictures (Thanks Adam and Boon) >>>

08.01.04: August is Smile Asia Project. I was just recently in Southeast Asia touring and dropping off paintings. I also have friends leaving paintings behind in the following countries this month: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course, The Philippines >>>

08.01.04: New show at Deluxe >>>

08.01.04: Smile Pet Project >>>

07.09.04: Press conference with Boston's Mayor Menino. I peresented the Mayor the paintings I specially designed for the Democratic National Convention Delegations. See the photos >>>

07.01.04: San Francisco Public Library exhibit >>>

07.01.04: My new show at Francesca's Cafe in the Boston South End has just started >>>

07.2004: Smile Boston Project DNC-related articles in the Boston Banner and the Boston Globe >>>

06.21.04: I just mailed a whole bunch of Smile Boston Project painting across the country (Ohio, California, Massachusetts, etc...) >>>

06.18.04: I just dropped off the paintings at BU >>>

06.10.04: See the Smile Boston Project feedback winner and her painting >>>

06.06.10: Read my second story in the Boston Globe this month >>>

06.06.10: Drawing with kids day at Zeitgeist Gallery >>>

06.01.04: See the latest Smile Boston T-Shirts and paintings Recipients >>>

05.28.04: Smile Boston Project has been recently featured in the Boston Globe >>>, The Boston Herald >>>, It's All About Arts (local tv show), Boston N'Hood Network (local tv show), In News Weekly, South End News and the Westborough News.

05.18.04: I just got back from the Surtex event in NYC. Other recent shows I have attended this year are the Art Expo and the Armory, all in New York.

05.12.04: I've just been commissioned by the South end Open Market to do a painting for the outdoor art show event (see the painting) >>>

05.06.04: May is Smile Boston Project t-shirt month--look for the free shirt all over town >>>

05.05.04: My Weekly dig Article just came out >>>

05.05.04: Talk at Newton North High School--what a really fun day!!!

05.01.04: See the new characters at Carberrry's >>>

04.22.04: Boston University just commissioned me to do a series of paintings for their School of Medicine

04.21.04: Picture with Mayor Michael A. Sullivan of Cambridge, MA--he is one of the latest Smile Boston Project painting recipients >>>

04.18.04: See my article on the Dedham Times >>>

04.15.04: It's Smile Dedham Project this week!!! There will be paintings for folks to pick on April 16th. >>>

04.08.04: Just posted online.... Brand spankin' new characters from my Middle East restaurant/rock club exhibit >>>

04.05.04: I will be on the TV show "It's All About Arts" on May 24th. Details coming soon...

04.03.04: More Smile Boston Project paintings recipient photos >>>

03.30.04: I just began my relationship with the law firm Fish & Richardson ( It's great to have the legal protection on the characters and project!

03.01.04: I just became a member of the Artist Group of Charlestown

03.26.04: My Cambridge Chronicle article just came out. Amanda McGregor of the Cambridge Chronicle just interviewed me. Michael Manning took the pictures. See the online version of the article (I will scan the newspaper version soon. The print version has more photos) >>>

03.23.04: I just donated a painting to the WNPR/CPTV Online Auction, taking place March 23-31, 2004. Bid for one of my paintings >>>

03.10.04: I will be on Fox 25 News Boston on March 12th @ 10 PM. One of the folks who found my painting during the filming of the story just sent me a picture >>>

03.03.04: Katie Johnston of the Boston Globe just interviewed me. I will be part of a story about Boston's Street Arts scene. Jason Chase took the photos.

03.02.04: I will donate paintings to the following organizations: 2004 Run for Research Marathon at DKNY's, Shelter Legal Services Foundation and the American Heart Association. See complete list below...

03.01.04: More Smile New York Project paintings were planted >>>

02.29.04: The first Smile Internatinal feedback has been sent >>>

02.20.04: Here are recent photos from painting recipients >>>

02.15.04: See birthday reception pictures at the Stove Factory Gallery. Over 100 people came and lots of paintings were sold. Thank you, thank you, thank you... >>>

02.13.04: See the latest paintings additions (2 new characters, 2 sided paintings and miniatures) at the Stove Factory Gallery, where I am currently having my solo exhibit >>>

02.12.04: I am now part of Corners/Canvas on Demand's print catalog nationwide >>> Also, see pictures from my talk at the Cambridge Corners >>>

02.03.04: More Smile Boston Project paintings have been set loose in Cambridge, thanks to Canvas on Demand and Corners. See the happy recipients during the beginning of the week, more will be left around Cambridge until Friday, Feb. 6th >>>

02.02.04: From February to May of 2004, a portion of my painting sales will go to Relay for Life in Westborough. "Relay For Life" is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society."

12.13.03: Soprafina Gallery openning in Somerville, MA

12.09.03: First stop of The Smile International Project will be Djibouti, in Africa! How cool is that?

11.24.03: Smile New York City >>>

11.18.03: The 2 month exhibit at MIT has started >>>

11.14.03: Painting contribution to a local school fundraising and kids' art >>>

11.07.03: Major site enhancement. Upcoming projects unveiled, The Smile Everywhere Project >>>

10.27.03: Smile San Francisco Project >>>

10.06.03: First day of Smile Boston Project

10.04.03: MIT Exhibit with local Cambridge Artists

09.06.03: Cambridge Artists Open Studios >>>