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03.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (Boston) >>>

02.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Thank you for the wonderful painting.  It is the first painting that I've ever got  from a professioal artist.  I myself is an artist.  I live here in the Bay Area, Richmond.  I picked up your painting in the city at the Montgomery Bart station.  Well, anyway my charaters name is Tap. Anthony >>>

02.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Today I picked up your yellow painting in the San Francisco Financial District in front of the Montgomery Bart station.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing.  I feel very lucky to be one of the people to have one of your special paintings. Hillary >>>

  01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Hello, my name is Nicholas and I live in San Francisco, Ca. The other day I was walking to work and I found this wonderful painting on a bench and your note. I held it and looking around because I thought someone left it accidently but no one was near so I took it to work and showed my co-workers, They loved the painting. I then got onto your website and took a look at all the very special things you have done. I just want you to know that it does make me smile when I look at it and so do my roommates. I am about to loose my job soon because the company I work for is going under but with such a small act from a total stranger you made me smile. I just want to thank you for such a great gift. Thank you, Sincerely with my deep warm thanks. Nicholas >>>

01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): I have the painting you left today in SSF. My boss found it front of our's not the unemployment office, but across from where that office used to be...and she didn't know what to make of it. However, I had read about you in the Chronicle. When I saw the painting, I just naturally smiled; it made me happy! I just returned to work Monday after about 3 months off due to open heart surgery. Thanks for this spot of joy in my day! Jerry

01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Paintings I left in unemployment agencies in the Bay Area >>>

01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Paintings I left around the Financial District in San Francisco >>>

01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): I was walking out the building and noticed it on the floor against the wall. At first I thought maybe someone was taking a picture of it next to the wall. Then my fiance said just take it, so I did. Your goal to have people smile is awesome. Amir >>>

01.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Paintings I left in Napa >>>

12.2008: Smile Shanghai >>>

12.2008: Smile Peru >>>

12.2008 It Will Be Alright Series: I can't think of a better way to uplift people's sprirts during the economic downturn than to give away free paintings. First place I dropped them off was at an unempyment agency in Boston >>>

12.2008 It Will Be Alright Series: As soon as I heard that Circuit City was going to close a number of its stores, I rushed out and left them at our local branch >>>

12.2008 It Will Be Alright Series: Maybe by helping people smile, folks will become a bit more optimistic about the economy. And in return, boost the stock market as well... >>>

11.2008 Smile Arizona >>>

11.2008 Smile Chicago >>>

10.2008 Smile Chicago: Dear Bren, I was running some errands in the rain today when I spotted one of your paintings (the cutest little blue guy, sporting a big smile and a pair of red antennae). I stood there a minute and read and re-read the note, making sure it was really OK to take it--and then yoink! it was mine. Not only that, but then as I kept walking down the street, I smiled at someone who (now that I see your photo on the site) might have been you. Thank you for the painting, and for putting a smile on my face! I will keep up my end of the deal! What a wonderful way to put good energy into the world. I feel so lucky. xo Anne

Read Susan's blog about her painting >>> 10.2008 Smile Chicago: Thank you for brightening my return to work on this rainy Chicago day!!  I will take very good care of my whimsical little guy.  And, ironically I AM a SMILER!!! and I will definitely pay it forward over and over again. Susan

10.2008 Smile Chicago: Hi Bren, I did end up finding a painting yesterday. My phone's last act before the battery died was to let me ckeck twitter to see you left one in the subway. I flew down there after class, grabbed it, and smiled at something like a dozen people. The painting now hangs in my daughter's nursery. Take care, and thanks for the painting. Keith

10.2008 Smile Chicago: I'm a 19 year old college student who lives in Chicago. I recently pinky promised my mom that her and I would run the Chicago Marathon together next year (We've already come up with a name that is more than apt, Team "Dear God let's never do this again"). So I was out on a jog when I stumbled upon one of your paintings. I glanced at the bench in disbelief. I had heard of this project before and couldn't believe my luck. I had a problem though. I had just started my run and still had about a mile to go. Do I take it and risk ruining it by clutching it tightly? Or do I leave it and if it's here on the way back it's meant to be. I made a deal with myself. Smile at everyone on the rest of my run and if it's still here you can take it. If it's gone, at least you smiled. Well I imagine I looked pretty funny sprinting down Columbus with a smile plastered on my face, but when I got back it was still resting just where you left it.  I was so happy. I snatched it up and skipped home. My mother is a notorious stranger smiler. She always told me to greet people you meet, even if you're just passing on the sidewalk. When I was younger it annoyed me so much. I didn't understand why I had to do it and I thought my mom was weird for insisting that my brothers and I comply. I don't know these people and they don't say hi to me so why do I have to say anything to them? She always said "Its just what humans do." I never understood that. What was it that humans did? The humans I saw passing on the street didn't smile or even acknowledge one another. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how lucky I am to have such an amazing person to call my mother. She taught us to be human and compassionate no matter what we're doing or where we're going. It's human to find a connection with another living being no matter how fleeting or insignificant it may seem. Her favorite saying is "The best things in life aren't things." But I imagine she'll like the painting when I give it to her next week. My older brother and I are going on a backpacking trip around the world this summer. We've scrimped and saved enough to just get by and maybe be able to eat every once in a while. But I'll be sure to smile at every one I see. Thanks for all your great work. I admire your strength and determination to spread love and respect in the world. Laura

10.2008 Smile Chicago painting recipients

10.2008 Smile NYC 115: Hello, my name is Gayleen and I'm from Colorado.  While vacationing in NYC, I happened upon one of your paintings. It was September 11th and my sister, husband and I had just been down to Ground Zero. Feeling very sad, we decided to stop by Trinity Church (on Broadway) to pray. After we had got done inside the Church we decided to take a break and sat down at one of the tables right outside the Church. While sitting there I decided to write out some post cards to family and friends back home. After that we got up, ready to start walking around the City again, when lo and behold my husband spotted your painting sitting on a table behind us. It wasn't there when we first sat down -- you're pretty sneaky -- but after looking at your website and a picture of you -- we do believe we saw you sitting there at Trinity Church at a table up against the Church wall! So anyway, my husband pointed it out to me and I walked over to check it out. I thought the painting was so cute and colorful and then I read your note. I thought to myself.... hmmmmm, do I take this painting or not because I already do smile and talk to random people quite often. I am very much a people person! In that regards, I was thinking that this painting may have been meant for someone else. While I stood there debating on whether to take the painting or not, I was mesmerized by what a colorful, happy and wonderful painting it was and I knew I just had to have it for myself! If you were still standing there, I'm sure you could see the big smile on my face that whole time! LOL! My sister and husband agreed that I should take the painting and so I grabbed it, clutched it to my chest and away we went, smiling all the way! I had found a treasure... that's exactly how I felt and still do! I love this painting and hold it very near & dear to my heart. It means so much to me! After being down at Ground Zero and feeling all the sadness, I found your painting and my heart lifted. I carried that painting around, clutching it my chest for the next 4-5 hours until we got back to our hotel room. I packed it very carefully in my suitcase for the trip back home to Colorado and your painting made it back safe and sound with me! Not a scratch on my new found "treasure"! I have told this story, with pride, to so many people and YES... I am still smiling at random people!!!  I think your "Smile Project" is such a wonderful idea and I'm sure you have warmed the hearts of many people! It's so nice to know there are people like you out in this world! Keep up the great work! Your paintings are beautiful! I have since framed my painting and have it hanging on my living room wall. It makes me smile each and every time I look at it! I am so happy that I'm one of the lucky people that have found one of your paintings! I will treasure it FOREVER! Thank you so very much! It means so much to me! The number on the back of the painting reads NYC115 so does this mean I found the last painting that you had left in NYC?! (However, I wanted to add that on the top left corner of the canvas there is written a number - 31) I am sending along a picture of myself and your wonderful painting that I found and as you can clearly see..... I'm still smiling!!!! Thank you so much for what you do and for putting smiles on the faces of those who have found your beautiful gifts! >>>

10.2008 Smile NYC 115: ...I actually devoted my lunch break last Wednesday to searching for one of your paintings, and I am really glad that I went. I ended up taking lovely, little walking tour around mid-Manhattan - from FAO Schwarz, down along 5th Avenue, took a stroll through Central Park, hung out with the sea lions for a bit at the Central Park Zoo, then finally headed over to the Ed Sullivan theater, where I found one of your paintings just sitting against the post along the queue line. The painting now sits above my desk. I have been struggling a bit with school recently, but seeing this painting reminds me to always remember to smile, because most of the time, a smile is really what you need to get through the day. I absolutely LOVE your Smile Project. It's really amazing how a painting can bring smiles to many, even across the globe. And I just love how such a simple thing can make a difference in someone's life. Going on that picture-searching venture last Wednesday reminds me that whenever life gets too stressful, all I have to do is open my eyes, look around and smile. And hopefully, doing so will get others to smile too. Good luck with your future projects and travel safely to your future destinations!! Joanna >>>

10.2008 Smile NYC 115 Painting Drop-Offs >>>

10.2008 Smile NYC 115: Hello! You left one of your delightful paintings in front of where I work on Wall Street.  I picked it up and took it inside to show off my new find to my fellow employees.  One co-worker's eyes immediately lit up as he asked what I was going to do with the painting.  I made him smile by giving the painting to him - he and his wife had recently redecorated their son's bedroom and were looking for art to place on the walls.  Your painting is making a little boy in Brooklyn smile.  I will ask him to take a picture of it and send it to you. Thanks for the smiles!Kat

10.2008 Smile NYC 115: Thank you so very much for your efforts and great paintings. I came upon painting 109 last week at the South Street Seaport. At first i noticed the painting on a bench and thought it was cute but there was a woman sitting next to it so i assumed it was hers and went to mess with the gadgets in the sharper image. Upon my departure from the store i noticed the painting was still there so i looked closer and read your message. I kept my promise to smile at random people more often. Too often, in New York City especially, people are overworked and unhappy. Also with the economy today life can be a bit stressful. Your painting really put a smile on my face - not only because of the promise of a great painting but because of the great gesture. I was really happy and felt lucky to have glanced upon your work. I forwarded your website to quite a few individuals who admired your efforts and work as well. I have the painting in my apartment and its literally the first thing you see when you come in. I leave it there as a reminder to take it day by day and enjoy life. You are an example by your wonderful efforts to spread happiness in a world that can be chaotic at times. Thank you. I'm really glad it found me. I needed to put a smile on my face.Keep doing what you do. Lillian

10.2008 Smile NYC 115: Thank you for making me smile this morning. At first I walked past the painting, but the bright colors against the slate granite of the building beckoned me to double back. When I saw the note, I smiled.  I'm definitely up to the challenge to smile at random people.  I've always had a lot of joy to give, but in the past few months it's been overflowing.  Smiling is easy;  frowning is hard.  So I quickly picked up the painting and entered the lobby.  (As happy as I am, I wouldn't be happy if I were late to work -- so being decisive was easy.) Imagine my surprise to discover that the painting is part of the "Smile Boston Project."  As if I hadn't already been smiling, thinking about Boston…Thanks for making my day, giving me a great story and painting, and encouraging more smiles in the world. Rue

10.2008 Smile Panama >>>

9.2008 Smile NYC 115: It was about 1:30 or so, and I had just lit my incense to Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity... I then stepped outside for a second, and saw a painting sitting on the psychic's bench... I looked at it, and then went back inside... About a minute later I was compelled to go back out and take another look at the painting and actually read the note that was attached... I so promise to smile at random people, and want to let you know that you have put a smile on my face that I don't think will ever go away... Right now, I have the picture displayed in the corner of my store, above the divider that separates the front area from my personal office area in the back... It will be a constant reminder of my promise to you, and it's also visible for others to see... And, when they comment on it, I will tell them about how it came to me and pass my smile on to them... Thank you so much... Dian >>>

9.2008 Smile NYC 115: WOW. Can I just tell you how awesome it was to find #43 for me? I'm just sorry that this is the first chance I have to write you about it. I LOVE your idea, persistence, and talent!! I really wish I could explain how special the timing was of your gift. Two weeks from today is the year anniversary of my sister's death. She left us too soon, and I refuse to let sorrow and dread win! A few weeks ago the idea hit me to celebrate her life that day by practicing one of her favorite things: Random Acts of Kindness. And the idea grew. I decided to ask friends and family to also practice an "act of kindness" on September 26. I started a blog ( in hope that people will write me their stories and inspire others to keep practicing acts of kindness. I just sent that e-mail on Wednesday. And the following day, out of a completely RANDOM walk... I happened upon your painting. I'm not a cosmic person, but something in the universe clicked that moment. Could I please blog about this?? I think what you're doing is inspiring. I am still so thrilled about finding your painting for many reasons. I'm beginning to start a business of creating artwork for kids, and your painting is so colorful and fun.... It makes you smile! And I just can't express to you how awesome your mission is. I've been thinking of how I can pay it forward ever since. Thank you again SO SO SO much for spreading such a great feeling. I wish you the very best luck. Sincerely, Robyn p.s. I've been smiling at everyone :) >>>

9.2008 Smile NYC 115: Painting recipients >>>

9.2008 Smile NYC 115: I love your smile project, I think it's great. I checked out your website and showed it to my co-workers. Your painting is now hanging in my office. That is so cool that you have been all over the world. Brenda >>>

9.2008 Smile NYC 115: Noticed your painting on steps of library NYC but I'm homeless so I have no place to hang the naughty devil. At least it looks naughty the way you have the tail drawn. Ed

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August 2008 is Smile Paris >>>

July 2008 is Smile ScotlandJuly 2008 Smile Scotland painting recipient >>>

July 2008 is Smile Nepal >>>

June 2008 is Smile Iceland >>>

July 2008 Smile Boston painting recipinets >>>

July 2008: More Smile Japan photos >>>

July 2008: Smile Israel photo update >>>

June 2008: It was a great day! I didn't get everyone because some people where a little hesitant about me taking pics. I found people's first reactions to be really interesting. I love the guy in the blue shirt. His shirt matches the painting! He said he's a cobbler and works at a store across the street from the NC State campus. The older woman in the photo wanted to know, "What's the catch?" She sat next to the painting for a very long time so I approached her to talk about the project. She thought everything had a catch... I was surprised how many people would walk by and not seeing them even though they were out in the open. A lot of people looked but kept walking. It was a great and incredibly interesting experience. Thanks for letting me do it for you. Traci, Smile North Carolina >>>

May 2008 Amercian Idol's Melinda Doolittle >>>

May 2008: I work for Elvis Presley Enterprises and picked up one of your paintings at Graceland. It sits proudly on my desk. While we smile at random people everyday at Elvis's house, we'll try and do it when we leave too. Scott, Smile Graceland, TN >>>

May 2008 Smile St. Louis >>>


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