FEEDBACK (make sure to click on the painting thumbnails to see where the participants are displaying the paintings)

It is so refreshing to meet an artist who enjoys life and seeks to bring smiles to people's faces.  Too often art is mired down by weight of depression or angst.  Your colors and designs and overall philosophy are very refreshing, and we thank you.

Matt & Amy Stahl

I love the message that you send.  I'm still smiling. 

Lisa Abbey

I checked out your site and think what you're doing (giving the paintings away as long as people smile more) is totally awesome.

Sloan Eddleston

Hello from Ottawa, Canada.  What a Superb idea!!!! 

Jeffrey Ferguson

Great, great stuff.  I told someone it looked very west coast like i haven't seen out here...

Julia Kim

My cousin from Kansas City sent me your site (I live in Wayland, Ma) and information on your SMILE project.  Kudos to you...!! It's funny, my mantra raising 4 kids is "Smile, it feels good."

Karen Kiefer

I just received a link to your email and I am superbly impressed! It strikes me so odd to have had someone send me this link. I have experienced a similar dilemma, particularly over the last few weeks. I commented to my boyfriend just the other day how sad it makes me to see so many unhappy people walking around (he explained itıs the holiday season) and I said to him why donıt people greet you with a smile anymore? Is it really that hard to make eye contact or say a polite hello? I have always, and I will continue to do so daily, greet strangers with a smile and do my best to be a polite and respectful person. You never know how one smile could effect a personıs day and sometimes thatıs all it takes to remind you that there is still some good left in this world. I think you are doing a tremendous service. You have warmed my heart and given me a little faith back in humanity. Keep up the good work. We need more people with your attitude in Kansas City.  

Nikki Moreno

I just received the information about your site from Ms. Moreno in Kansas City, another aspiring artist. I enjoyed seeing your very cute Smiley's! What vibrant colors to brighten this drab world we live in some days.

Karol Meoli

"I checked out your website, and was further impressed by your work, especially the smile boston project... that's something someone should have done a long, long time ago, but it's great to see it being done, and I think it's brilliant. I really like seeing an artist trying to make a difference in the world through their work.  I think art has power and is more than a means of personal expression and self-gratification."

Grant W. Kristofek

"Oh my GOD! This is such a great idea! I am always talking about why Bostonians/New Englanders don't smile much at all."

Sharon Kozuch

"Love your site and paintings, the message is good for the society. I think it needs to be elsewhere as well, not only in Boston."

Mike Chung

"This is phenomenal! You have hit on a great idea. It's a way of going public with your art without getting arrested for doing grafitti."

Wesley Quock

"I checked out your site and was impressed (not just the painting part). You have been an inspiration for me to keep pressing on with my work."



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