10.2009: Everything Will Be Alright Series (NYC) Hi bren. We have been meaning to write you for some time. We found one of your paintings when you were in nyc in Sept of 2008 (number 080228). I was pregnant at the time, and my apologies, but I never got around to writing you a note. I figured I would send you one once I went on maternity. Well, I go back to work tomorrow. Oops. Very, very sorry about the massive delay! I had seen a couple of your paintings in time square on my way to work, but was late for a meeting, so did not stop to really investigate. Someone in my office ended up with one; when I saw it, I couldn't believe the opportunity I had missed. I went onto your website and found your whole project very inspiring. I told my husband all about it and started to follow you on twitter. We were both into it, and low and behold, he ended up finding one by a fire station downtown close to his office. When he called to tell me I was ecstatic - I felt so incredibly lucky. The painting is fantastic and continues to make me smile every time I see it. and, as promised, I have also smiled at many a stranger. Thank you for doing what you do. Terese