9.2008 Smile NYC 115: WOW. Can I just tell you how awesome it was to find #43 for me? I'm just sorry that this is the first chance I have to write you about it. I LOVE your idea, persistence, and talent!! I really wish I could explain how special the timing was of your gift. Two weeks from today is the year anniversary of my sister's death. She left us too soon, and I refuse to let sorrow and dread win! A few weeks ago the idea hit me to celebrate her life that day by practicing one of her favorite things: Random Acts of Kindness. And the idea grew. I decided to ask friends and family to also practice an "act of kindness" on September 26. I started a blog (www.selflessacts.blogspot.com) in hope that people will write me their stories and inspire others to keep practicing acts of kindness. I just sent that e-mail on Wednesday. And the following day, out of a completely RANDOM walk... I happened upon your painting. I'm not a cosmic person, but something in the universe clicked that moment. Could I please blog about this?? I think what you're doing is inspiring. I am still so thrilled about finding your painting for many reasons. I'm beginning to start a business of creating artwork for kids, and your painting is so colorful and fun.... It makes you smile! And I just can't express to you how awesome your mission is. I've been thinking of how I can pay it forward ever since. Thank you again SO SO SO much for spreading such a great feeling. I wish you the very best luck. Sincerely, Robyn p.s. I've been smiling at everyone :)