My name is Gayleen and I'm from Colorado.  While vacationing in NYC, I happened upon one of your paintings. It was September 11th and my sister, husband and I had just been down to Ground Zero. Feeling very sad, we decided to stop by Trinity Church (on Broadway) to pray. After we had got done inside the Church we decided to take a break and sat down at one of the tables right outside the Church. While sitting there I decided to write out some post cards to family and friends back home. After that we got up, ready to start walking around the City again, when lo and behold my husband spotted your painting sitting on a table behind us. It wasn't there when we first sat down -- you're pretty sneaky -- but after looking at your website and a picture of you -- we do believe we saw you sitting there at Trinity Church at a table up against the Church wall! So anyway, my husband pointed it out to me and I walked over to check it out. I thought the painting was so cute and colorful and then I read your note. I thought to myself.... hmmmmm, do I take this painting or not because I already do smile and talk to random people quite often. I am very much a people person! In that regards, I was thinking that this painting may have been meant for someone else. While I stood there debating on whether to take the painting or not, I was mesmerized by what a colorful, happy and wonderful painting it was and I knew I just had to have it for myself!
If you were still standing there, I'm sure you could see the big smile on my face that whole time! LOL! My sister and husband agreed that I should take the painting and so I grabbed it, clutched it to my chest and away we went, smiling all the way! I had found a treasure... that's exactly how I felt and still do! I love this painting and hold it very near & dear to my heart. It means so much to me! After being down at Ground Zero and feeling all the sadness, I found your painting and my heart lifted. I carried that painting around, clutching it my chest for the next 4-5 hours until we got back to our hotel room. I packed it very carefully in my suitcase for the trip back home to Colorado and your painting made it back safe and sound with me! Not a scratch on my new found "treasure"! I have told this story, with pride, to so many people and YES... I am still smiling at random people!!!  I think your "Smile Project" is such a wonderful idea and I'm sure you have warmed the hearts of many people! It's so nice to know there are people like you out in this world! Keep up the great work! Your paintings are beautiful! I have since framed my painting and have it hanging on my living room wall. It makes me smile each and every time I look at it! I am so happy that I'm one of the lucky people that have found one of your paintings! I will treasure it FOREVER! Thank you so very much! It means so much to me! The number on the back of the painting reads NYC115 so does this mean I found the last painting that you had left in NYC?! (However, I wanted to add that on the top left corner of the canvas there is written a number - 31) I am sending along a picture of myself and your wonderful painting that I found and as you can clearly see..... I'm still smiling!!!! Thank you so much for what you do and for putting smiles on the faces of those who have found your beautiful gifts! You're a wonderful person!!!!! God bless you!!!!!!