9.2008 Smile NYC 115: It was about 1:30 or so, and I had just lit my incense to Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity... I then stepped outside for a second, and saw a painting sitting on the psychic's bench... I looked at it, and then went back inside... About a minute later I was compelled to go back out and take another look at the painting and actually read the note that was attached... I so promise to smile at random people, and want to let you know that you have put a smile on my face that I don't think will ever go away... Right now, I have the picture displayed in the corner of my store, above the divider that separates the front area from my personal office area in the back... It will be a constant reminder of my promise to you, and it's also visible for others to see... And, when they comment on it, I will tell them about how it came to me and pass my smile on to them... Thank you so much... Dian