Hi Bren! I picked up a painting in New York last tuesday 7 of april, the CBS was there and I was so shocked! I saw a drawing in the stairs (i've just exit from subway) and I run to make a picture with my camera (didn't want to miss it) I made the picture when I realised on the note and I picked it (i loved the drawing). I'm from Barcelona(in Catalonia, a region from Spain), and I live in a little town near the city called El Masnou. Here I send you a pic of me and your painting (and another that made my boyfriend of the meeting with you)... I'm thinking on where to hang it, I told you in the bathroom but I'll put it somewhere else, maybe in the studying room, more visible..I've visited your web and I'm amazed about your project, I love it!! Now I love more the painting and I'm glad that I'm part of something BIG! smile ang everything will be all right (the first I thought when I read it was in the song of Bob Marley "every little thing..".. great!!
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, and good luck! Maite