03.2009: It Will Be Alright Series (San Francisco): Thanks so much again for the painting. My hope to be a part of smile project began following my reading of the piece the San Francisco ran in December. I thought what you were doing is just the sort of thing this country needs to turn around: A sense of community and embracing the power of sharing. Besides the characters are so cute I wanted to find one. Soon after I followed @smileproject on twitter hoping that I would have an edge in this artistic easter egg hunt. February 11 was my big break. I was on hold with the credit card company (oh so much anxiety) when I received the feed that Smile Project was visiting the Serramonte Mall. 15 mins away, so I twittered back that I'd be there in a half. I picked up Michelle in San Bruno and we drove over, strategizing the search. We drove around outside and decided that Bren would most likely be in the mall. My first thought was to be near the recently closed Mervin's. We were both nervous and excited. That all turned to a sort of let down as I updated twitter on my iphone and realized I may have been too late. We had one place left to search-- the food court. I see a man with a canvas sitting nearby. I ask him and he points to a camera crew. I explained how I was following on twitter and really was hoping to meet a successful artist. He says they have one more painting to drop off. Seconds later I am meeting Bren, getting a cool painting (that matches my jacket) and being interviewed by a Philippine TV crew. I have not seen the interview, but I felt so lucky that Wednesday evening. As I move forward in my job search, I know "everything will be all right" Cristalle >>>